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Our Place | Queensland Music Festival 2019

Our Place:  Songs of the bush, backyard and balcony.

Our Place explores the ever-changing relationship between neighbours and our connection to place. Neighbouring arts companies, DeepBlue and The Queensland Choir’s contrasting performance styles combine. Their story is framed by innovative visual design and interactive technology. Featuring acclaimed didjeribone performer Tjupurru, and Digi Youth Arts actors, direction and design this is a unique collaboration; an insightful piece of living, breathing art. With lush strings, fat beats, exquisite voices, and immersive visuals Our Place weaves stories from the Indigenous connection to country, to the suburban ‘Australian Dream,’ to the rising popularity of inner-city apartment living in an astounding musical and artistic collaboration. Official Our Place Website.

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“Greta Kelly from Deep Blue - the orchestra unleashed and Don Jameson from The Queensland Choir talk about their experience in developing their collaboration for the 2019 Queensland Music Festival, Our Place

These two very different organisations have shared their diverse skills to create a new innovative new production for the 2019 Queensland Music Festival, which harnesses technology to connect audience and performer, disrupting convention and allowing the audience to share their stories of community in real-time   Our Place also features acclaimed didjeribone player Tjupurru and actors and visual artists from Digi Youth Arts. Digi Youth Arts’ involvement brings indigenous multi-disciplinary performers into a mainstream production which informs the work with relevant cultural knowledge and provides an opportunity for indigenous youth to perform in a professional production'“ - Brisbane Club

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