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New Stage Concert 19.2

NEW STAGE Concert 19.2

Some Velvet Morning, Queens Parade, Clifton Hill – Wednesday June 19th 2019, 8:00pm.


New Music from Melbourne Composers and Performers.


Now entering its second year of existence, New Stage is a new concert series that aims to bring the new music of Melbourne composers and writers to a more informal setting – the bars and music venues of Melbourne – and away from the stuffy formality often seen at concerts of art music or contemporary ‘classical’ music. But trust us, there’s nothing significantly ‘classic’ about this: you won’t hear the music of centuries past at New Stage. What you will hear is the energetic, vibrant, challenging, beautiful, and expressive new music of Melbourne’s composers and musicians.


Concert 19.2, the sixth concert in this new music series, will again be held at our much-loved Melbourne music venue and bar, Some Velvet Morning in Clifton Hill. This program will feature music from up and coming Melbourne composers Zinia Chan and May Lyon, and pieces from well-known and highly respected Melbourne Composers Miriama Young and Stuart Greenbaum.


Miriama Young – Grey Ghost

Zinia Chan – Saxophone Quartet

May Lyon – Duet for Cello and Piano

Stuart Greenbaum– In Transit


Performing the music will be the talented musicians of the New Stage Ensemble in Residence, led by Jackson Fumberger (violin) and featuring Nicole Ng (piano), Kit Millais (trombone), Louis Nicoll (piano), Grace Gilkerson (Cello), and the Genesis Saxophone Quartet.


Entry to the event is free, and drinks and food are available at the bar. Please come join us for our fifth New Stage performance, featuring some of the most exciting new music from Melbourne’s contemporary art music scene.


Miriama Young

Zinia Chan

May Lyon

Stuart Greenbaum


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