Choral@Monsalvat - Sunday 5th May

It has been a pleasure working with Majellan Choirs and Director Bill Simmons on my piece, Autumn Dawn and I am looking forward to workshopping the piece more with the wonderful choir in April!

Autumn Dawn will be performed on Sunday 5th May at Montsalvat at 3 pm in the Long Gallery and 4 pm in the Barn Gallery as part of the Australian Choral Composition Showcase. There will be lots of beautiful choral music, and if you wish, you may come early to enjoy the beautiful surrounds.

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Perfection Exhibition Premiere

It was a privileged to work with Grainger Museum, Science Gallery Melbourne, Melbourne School of Design, performers Danna Yun and Lindsay Hick and Josh Wilkinson for the premiere of my piece In Transition.

I was very fortunate to have Josh Wilkinson on-board to help me realise the acoustic vision of In Transition. After today’s premiere, you’ll be able to listen to the binaurel mix on headphones and the piece will be on rotation in the Grainger Museum Courtyard alongside Chris Pickering’s Ceiling of Clouds and Wayne Kington’s Moments of Congruence until November 2018.

In Transition draws inspiration from the Grainger Museum Courtyard and uses the open roof as representation of a spacecraft with a window to the “universe”. Stillness is represented through a lone passenger’s confinement and willingness to return to their bare essential at the reward of reaching Planet Perfection. This piece follows the individual’s transition, concluding before their arrival, with the journey explored through mimicking sounds of droning mechanics and glissandi. Emotions that are also explored include the possible dread, excitement, certainty, or even contentment the traveller could feel as they experience the interim of going towards the unknown. Upon arrival, if an individual can only contribute perfection to Utopia, can they maintain their identity?

Danna Yun and Lindsay Hicks, Grainger Museum

Danna Yun and Lindsay Hicks, Grainger Museum

Grand Piano + Library = ?

While most people were celebrating Valentine's Day, I was called in to perform at the State Library of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia). I thought it would be fun and relaxing (and it was), but when I first arrived, it was quite terrifying. The silence was so quiet, my footsteps were enough to draw a lot of attention. But it was a fantastic experience; to break the silence where silence isn't meant to be broken and to have people take time out of their afternoon to listen. I am pleased to announce that I now have a little monthly SLQ residency! If you are in Brisbane, please feel free to come one of these events (click here).