Second (2019)
5-String Viola & Pedals (Live Electronics) | Performed by Richard Grantham (The Viola Cloning Project)

Second explores the moment a second passes after an individual’s fixation on an event. Beginning with the looming sensations experienced prior to the fixated event and then the relieved sensation the second it passes.

In Transition (2018)
Cello, Flute (Piccolo) and Electronic Track | Performed by Danna Yun and Lindsay Hicks

Commissioned by Science Gallery Melbourne, Grainger Museum and Melbourne School of Design, in conjunction with Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.

Refraction I (2018)
Piano | Performed by Danna Yun

A Mind’s Requiem (2018)
SATB | Workshop Performance by The Song Company

Last Light (2016)
String Quintet | Performance by Meraki Quartet and Zinia Chan
Commissioned by Chris Perren and Sonic State Queensland Week Microfestival
Visuals by Sloe Motion

Yagor (2016)
String Trio | Performance by DeepBlue Orchestra for live Silk (Robotronica)